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How often do you know what you feel about your business but can’t quite articulate it correctly? Do your hands hover over the keyboard as you attempt to get the message right? Are you having difficulty thinking up the key branding messages which sum up what you do?


This is where Andy can help. Using the power of words he can assess your needs and produce timely, well-crafted and punchy content for your business in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Often the simplest of phraseology is all that is needed to get a complicated message across. Let a true wordsmith take on the challenge of producing words which matter for you.


Editing and proofing


Got most of your ideas down on paper but not in the right format? Struggling to chop back 1,000+ words into something pithy and direct, which still gives the full picture to customers, be they external or internal?


Again, call on Andy. He can take your base materials, add in some investigation work and then produce compelling and carefully crafted content which is on the mark. His editing and proofing skills will also ensure that not only are the marketing messages right, all spelling and grammar is accurate too, ensuring the best possible public profile for your business.


Press releases and PR strategies


Want to tell the world about your business, your new product launch or your success stories? What better way than to tell the media? But how to go about it – and what is the best medium to use?


Using his experience gained as a working journalist of over 30 years’ standing, Andy can produce press releases and engage with established media contacts for you to maximise the chances of getting your message out there, be it in traditional print media or via broadcast, digital and social channels.


Media engagement training


Frightened of the media and engaging with journalists? Most people not used to doing so would be! But, handled effectively, engaging with the media is a great way to get much-needed free publicity.


Andy offers media engagement training which shows business leaders how the media works – at local, regional and national level across all platforms – and how to best engage with journalists for maximum benefit. And, should the worst occur and you need the skills necessary to deal with the media to cope with potentially negative coverage, Andy’s crisis communications training module provides you with the skills you will likely never need but will be thankful you do have when necessary.

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